Distribution 6/19

Today we served 50 families/116 people. Our numbers were down but not our spirits. So thankful for the wonderful group of ladies that helped: Patches Mitchell, Ginger Holsted, Dede Armitage, Crystal and Addie Schneberger, Jana Mariscal, Kori Turney, Connie Leitner, Tonya Nicholson and Mandie Kuykendall. I believe our numbers are down due to the COVID-19.Continue reading “Distribution 6/19”

The Carnegie United Methodist Food Pantry

The Carnegie United Methodist Food Panty was established in 2011. Serving Caddo County is one of the top poverty stricken counties in the state. We are in the top 3 counties as far as hunger insecurity for children. We are trying to alleviate this problem by serving all of Caddo County, Mountain View and Gotebo.Continue reading “The Carnegie United Methodist Food Pantry”